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Onboarding Process

When I first joined Rumbleship, our vendor and business customer onboarding was done manually by the Sales team. For obvious reasons, that was never going to be sustainable!

After we launched v1 of our dashboards, "self-onboarding" (as we referred to it internally) was our next major milestone.

Create an account screen before and after


  • Get new business customer user's accounts setup with no input needed from Sales
  • Get reliable details on business customers'
The original signup flow for our product (minus the Sales team reaching out to complete sign up part)


After we outlined the broad requirements for the onboarding feature, I did an audit of the onboarding process for other company's operating in our space.

The rough specs for the onboarding flow

I also came together with the engineers doing the backend work to spec out what the user flow through the process would be. This ended up being more complicated than we originally expected, because of two hurdles unique to our business:

  • All business customers had to go through a credit check before their account setup was complete.
  • All business customers needed to have a buyer-supplier relationship setup with their referring merchants.

We went through several versions of the flow before we landed on the final version.

The final flow we landed on was balanced between backend limitations of an MVP and streamlining the process for the user

The finals specs for the onboarding flow
rough designs for the first version of the onboarding flow


I roughed out some initial designs based on the rough flow specs, then refined the design based on the final spec.

The final flow for the first version of onboarding

V1 rollout was a success. Ideally we would have been able to test it with a small proportion of our user base, but we were limited in both time and engineering manpower.

Following feedback from users, Sales, and Customer Support, we revised bits of the onboarding process. We were able to push these out quickly thanks to our quick moving frontend and backend team


As I started working on our Gemini design system and the overall design refresh of our dashboards, it was clear to me that onboarding was going to need some major attention as part of this refresh.

The final flow for the second version of onboarding

I reworked copy to clarify some points of confusion and majorly reworking the design of every login page, to make them live in the same space, something more clearly separate from our dashboards and pay screens

Detail view of the Add your company screen and it's success sha256-CSXorXvZcTkaix6Yvo6HppcZGetbYMGWSFlBw8HfCJo

I also split the onboarding up into more clear steps, to make it more clear that "waiting on an action" screens were a part 2 of the previous form, and not in a hung state.


After the Gemini redesign, I was very happy that I'd streamlined the onboarding process to the best of my ability, considering the backend challenges.

Ideally, we would have been able to automate the credit check process, which would have smoothed over the last major bump in the process.