Jenné Leigh

Landing page

Designer, Developer

Visual Design, Frontend Dev, Copywriting

Rumbleship Financial

Landing page

I designed a series of ads for wholesale merchants to embed on their wholesale signup pages and the landing page that the ads pointed to.

Refer Merchant page mocked up
Why Rumbleship? page mocked up


  • explain Rumbleship quickly and succinctly to new customers
  • Drive new business customers to signup
All variations of ads


While I explored a lot of options for the ad design, we ended up settling on something simple and uncomplicated

Rough and revised designs for the ads
The embed code provided to the merchants

We setup, as part of our Merchant Resources subsite, a page with the ad embed codes. Instructions were provided to make the process as simple as possible for the merchants to setup on their end.

The landing page takes the ad code and will redirect the new customer to onboarding with a buyer-supplier relationship to their referring merchant already in place.

Example of the code for the transactional emails
Full versions of both landing pages

Originally, we thought to include this "refer a merchant" form at the bottom of the original page. But after further consideration, I realized it was getting in the way of our goal of having a clear and simple page explaining "why you should choose Rumbleship."

Splitting it off into it's own page also allowed Sales to use this page separately from the Why Rumbleship landing page, when doing referral outreach to business customers.

Before and after comparison of the changes to the illustration library

I used the illustration library, combining and customizing multiple illustrations to better suit our branding and specific needs.


The previous sign up flow required merchants to replace their signup form with one of our own creation, plus manual onboarding of existing suppliers. Sales was happy with these new ads, as it simplified the both the merchant and business customer onboarding processes. Engineering was also pleased, as we could retire an incredibly janky bit of code.